It all starts with a journey

This is the story of a motorbike, a watch and a bamboo tree, which were at the origin of the Keroto Wood movement.

At dawn in 2002, in the heart of a humid Asian forest, Mario was continuing his journey of initiation, riding his motorbike at full speed with only an old, worn helmet and a pair of classic glasses purchased just before his trip.

As he negotiated a dangerous bend in the road, some mud caused him to lose his balance on the bike, and he fell. The impact had not done too much damage except for his glasses, which shattered. He realized one thing: a traditional goggle is not suitable for people off the beaten track.

Days went by and while hiking in the wilderness, trying to catch his breath, he landed against a hundred-year-old bamboo tree and was surprised at its resistance. It was at this precise moment that the idea of a wooden spectacle germinated in his mind.

Wood being a noble and authentic material that can withstand any situation, it seemed obvious to him that it would be the perfect eyewear for the inspiring leaders of this world.

Back on his native land after more than 3 months of travel, he hastened to tell his friend, David, about his idea. The latter was immediately won over by the idea, sharing the same point of view of what fashion should be for people going off the beaten track.

It was in a cellar converted into an office, and with the help of a flashing lamp that the first accessories in our range were designed. This is how the first Keroto Wood creations came into being at the beginning of 2003.

Since then, Keroto Wood has been helping ambitious men and women to become inspirational leaders through a unique and authentic lifestyle.

Over the years, we have evolved our range to include a new element: Walnut. This combination was an obvious choice for us: We needed the perfect blend of the authenticity of bamboo wood and the nature of walnut wood.


Our products are for people who are not afraid to make important decisions and who dare to think outside the box. The entire Keroto Wood range has been thought out, designed and crafted to help you achieve your goal: To become that inspiring and charismatic woman or man through authentic style. You are unique and so should be your style.

Today, we are honoured to have thousands of people who have decided to put their trust in us.

We know how important it is for you to feel unique through your style, and it has become a real obsession for us to develop more and more inspiring designs. Join the thousands of people who have decided to show character now.

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